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Scum is coming real soon now

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August is just around the corner and that means we’ll finally get our hands on the Early Access version of SCUM!

What’s SCUM? It’s another great game from Gamepires, a Croatian dev studio that’s looking to re-invent the multiplayer open world survival game with unprecedented levels of character customization.

During Early Access players will be able “to explore the island, build up their characters, engage other players, NPCs or wildlife and make simple alliances with their buddies.”

Make sure to wishlist the game here and make simple alliances with your Gamepires buddies at Gamescom!

Gamescom 2018

Come say hi to CGDA at Gamescom 2018!

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Croatian game devs will once again join forces and exhibit together at this year’s Gamesom, the world’s largest videoigame trade show. Croatian chamber of economy will be co-hosting the booth located in the business area.

If you’re near hall 4.1  come and say hi! It’s our fifth consecutive year at Gamescom and the booth will feature more local games and devs than ever before! While we’re still waiting for the final booth visuals (illustration is from our 2016 event) and the list of attendees isn’t complete, we can confirm one thing for sure: the world-famous “Croatian Networking Hour” is back. See you soon!

War. Awww....

Unity of Command 2 – read all about it!

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Having a favourite game from a Croatian game dev studio is like having a favourite child and announcing it publicly. Ours is The Talos Principle. That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong or that we don’t (almost equally) love Unity of Command, a brilliant strategy game with the sequel in the works at 2X2 studios.

Perhaps we weren’t paying enough attention or support UoC2 in a way that the game clearly deserves, as we missed the latest development blog. Apparently, “move – check odds – undo” loop is no more, but we kind of knew that already since the playable version was briefly available back in April, at Reboot Develop.

Here’s the interesting bit:

“We’ve added the ability to show distant combat odds (visible in the screenshot below). If you hover over a distant enemy unit, you can now see what the combat odds would be if you moved next to it and attacked. This has become necessary since the addition of FoW. Most moves into enemy territory will uncover at least some FoW, which means you can’t undo any such move. That makes the usual move – check odds – undo loop unusable, and we had to come up with this.“
Check out the full dev blog here.