Animafest – now with videogames!


Animafest Zagreb Begins! 25th World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb opens today, on Tuesday, 9 June at 19.30, Europa Cinema.

One of the biggest news is the ‘serious’ inclusion of videogames in the program of Animafest.

We all know that animation is inevitable in the video game industry as well. Animafest Pro, in association with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Academy of Fine Arts and Creative Europe Desk – MEDIA Office, is once again organizing a game jam, a workshop of video game design.

One of the workshop mentors is the Swiss indie game design star Mario von Rickenbach, who is also giving a lecture on the experiences of visual experimental game design. There is also a lecture on interactive animation for video games by Lovro Nola from Machina game design school, Davor Hunski from Croteam, and Ante Vrdelja from CGDA.

We are truly happy that Animafest has recognized that it is high time to include video games under the audiovisual umbrella. This ‘new’ medium could most obviously be described as the synergy of well known audiovisual forms – film, animation and music – in a unique interactive experience.

Local video game manufacturers export 99 per cent of their software, which means Croatia is an acknowledged player on the global market whose value amounts to 100 billion US dollars, with a 10 per cent annual growth rate.

In total, it exceeds the value of film or music industry. On the other hand, video games in Croatia – as a medium and business – have been unjustly neglected; the platform for collaboration between local animators and developers, fostered by Animafest in the recent years, is a great boost to further development of this local industry. And that is the key goal of our Association.


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