Right now in Croatia, there are around 20 companies making video games, an unusually high number of quality developers for such a small country, and the main goal of this Association is helping them grow, making their jobs easier, and creating a welcoming space for a better dialogue with investors and publishers.

The creation of CGDA was inspired by similar professional associations around the world, especially the ones in the region which were created to support the Eastern European boom of game development.

Croatian game developers export 99 per cent of their games, which means that Croatia is a well-known player on the global market, the market of an industry whose revenues have far surpassed the movie and music industries in the past few years. All things considered, video games as both a medium and a business have been unfairly neglected in Croatia, so our aim is also to raise awareness in the general public, as well as the industry professionals.

We already have something to show: through the support of The Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK), as well as the Association that was still in the process of forming, Croatia was for the first time one of the exhibitors at last year’s Gamescom, the world’s largest gaming event held annually in Cologne, Germany. Besides the great interest in our games, many highly qualified foreign developers have shown interest in Croatian game developers as employers – an experience not many local economy sectors can brag about.

Predsjednik: Krešimir Špes, Cateia Games Dopredsjednik: Andrej Levenski, Gamepires Tajnik: Ante Vrdelja, Bug Kontakt: info@cgda.hr